Amanda Seafoods’ ambition, in alignment with Insula Denmark, is to become the preferred seafood supplier through inspiration by developing delicious, sustainable fish products.

Our mission is clear: to continually enhance our understanding, take proactive steps, and increase our contribution to the market’s seafood offerings. Guided by this mission, we offer a wide range of products, from fresh and frozen fish to convenient and canned seafood.

We cover the entire value chain, from sea to table. Our filleting factory strategically sits on the west coast of Jutland, near Denmark’s largest fishing harbors and fish market auctions. Additionally, we operate a canning facility in Frederikshavn and a fish liver processing plant in Iceland.

For over a century, we’ve applied craftsmanship and passion to the seafood industry, ensuring excellent taste in our products. Continuously innovating, we strive to meet consumer demands and promote increased fish consumption.

And, with a forward-thinking approach, Amanda Seafoods/Insula Denmark aims for sustainable production and solutions.