For more than a century, Amanda has proudly served fish delicacies, characterized by their tastiness, ease of serving, commitment to sustainability, and rich tradition.

Favorites from 555

Founded by Chr. Hansen in Kerteminde in 1916 under the trademark “555”, Amanda has been creating new favorites ever since. These favorites are rooted in historical recipes and experience, offering a distinctive flavor that has made Amanda the go-to fish delicacy for the entire family.


From Cans to Classics

In the mid-1950s, the idea of producing canned cod roe emerged, as only a fraction of the best cod roe was being utilized industrially. Director Finn Tengberg-Hansen, descendant of Chr. Hansen, spearheaded experiments to coagulate the liquid cod roe into a solid mass by boiling it in cans. This innovation paved the way for the iconic Amanda cod roe, which quickly gained popularity as a classic, both domestically and internationally.

A continuing tradition

Today, Amanda Seafoods A/S is based in Frederikshavn, employing approximately 75 dedicated individuals across various departments including production, warehousing, quality control, development, sales and marketing.

A Focus on Taste and Quality

With an unwavering commitment to taste and quality, Amanda has also prioritized sustainability over the last 15 years. As pioneers in product development, we continuously strive to create new fish delicacies that celebrate the abundance of fish found in our domestic waters.

Building for the Future

Joining the Nordic seafood group, Insula, in January 2017 has expanded Amanda’s horizons. This partnership has provided us with greater opportunities to innovate and develop delicious seafood products. Furthermore, it reinforces our position as Denmark’s premier seafood supplier.

Looking Ahead

With recent acquisitions of the trademarks Glyngøre, Dronningen, and Bornholms in 2018 and 2019, Amanda has broadened its range of offerings to meet evolving consumer preferences. We remain committed to our founding principles of quality, innovation, and tradition as we continue to serve both retail and foodservice sectors with pride.

Amanda – a Tradition of Danish Fish Delicacies